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Angry Birds & Life: Perspective

OK, so Angry Birds is like life. Really? Yes. Really?? Yes. (And if you don’t know what Angry Birds is, you really need to click here). But that’s ridiculous, you think. Yep. I know. I had this same discussion. With myself. While I was trying to fall asleep. The only solution was to write about it.

Have you ever played Angry Birds and done the same thing over and over again, failing each time to kill all the pigs (or monkeys or whatever)?

Oh… You’re playing RIO. You’re releasing birds. It’s the PETA friendly version. Got it.

Anyway, you’re lobbing the same stinking birds at the same stinking obstacles and getting the same stinking results. Hmmmm…

I once heard that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Have you tried doing something different yet? Of course. And what happens? Aim the bird somewhere else: get a totally different result.

What about that “restart” arrow? Don’t pretend like you don’t use it. You know where it is. Over on the left side of the screen where you can pause the game and restart it because your first attempt didn’t produce the expected results. See? I knew you knew what I was talking about. It’s okay. I use it too, mostly because it’s easier to just start over than to risk wasting my time. But what might have happened if you had stuck with it? You won’t know because you gave up before you had a chance to find out.

How about this one: Ever calculated all of the details for your bird launch only to discover that your speeding yellow bird runs head first into a concrete block? Of course you have. Did you try again? Of course you did.

What about being certain that one particular puzzle is impossible? There are some levels that I am sure just cannot be solved. There aren’t enough birds. They didn’t give me the right ones. I need the super red bird, not the puny red one who goes slow. Why is that pig or monkey THERE?!?!! Seriously?!? But then I remember that this was designed by a human to be solved by a human. Well, and thanks to YouTube, I can see how to solve any level. Oh, stop being so indignant. You’ve done it too.

I have some questions for you though:

When you run into a real world problem that seems unsolvable, and you just don’t have the right birds to solve it, do you remember that this world was designed by God not humans? Do you remember that He has perspective that we don’t? Do you give up before you ever have a chance to see how utterly incredible the outcome might be?

I discovered that how I handle my Angry Birds problems is a reflection of how I’d like to handle my real life problems. Just hit the restart button and give it another try. Sometimes that’s possible, but sometimes we just have to make do with the birds we have and put our faith in God to make it all work out.