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Stop Praying For My 5 Children

Yep. You read that right. Stop praying for my five children.  I have four children.  That’s right.  FOUR.  As in 4.  One, two, three, four.  Four children who live in a household that’s headed up by a partnership consisting of two people called parents – a mother and a father.  A wife and a husband.  Four kids.  Two adults.  Under one roof.  A family, as defined by Websters.

 fam·i·ly:  the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children

When you’re praying for me, don’t pray that “things go well for Sarah with her her four – nope five (hee hee) – children”.  Don’t pray that.  Praying for my husband as though he is a child has disastrous consequences.  Don’t do this to me, and don’t do it to anyone else.  It’s not funny.  It’s not cute.  Oh, and guys don’t appreciate it.   

Let me explain.

When you pray for a man as if he’s his wife’s child, it’s emasculating and disrespectful.  It implies that he’s impish and childish, and that he needs mothering.  He doesn’t.  He’s a grown man.  He has a mother, and she’s not his wife.  It’s high time that society stop treating men as if they are half-wits, then complaining when they act like it.

It also implies that, in a family unit with six people (four of whom are legitimately children), there’s only one person with enough sense and maturity to lead the family – Mom.  That’s not the case.  There are two adults in that family unit, and the one people want to dump all the responsibility on (Mom) doesn’t want all the responsibility.  She wants to be equally yoked with her husband.  And guess what?  That’s what he wants too.

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”  (Genesis 2:24; Ephesians 5:31; Mark 10:7; Matthew 19:5)

Together.  One flesh.  Adults.  I love my husband as my spouse, and would never want it any other way! 

So please, if you’re moved to pray for my husband, pray first that he knows that he is a child of God.  Pray that he is secure and seeking in his faith, and that he is intentional about sharing it with his wife and children.  Pray that he will live each day driven by the Word of God.  Pray that he continues to love his wife and children the way God has instructed him.  Pray that he measures himself against standards that God sets, not society.  Pray that he is bold and courageous and masculine in all the ways that he needs to be.  Pray that he is humble and courteous and respectful, and that he is able to provide for his family, even though providing is HARD WORK.

God did not intend for my husband to be my child.  He intended for him to be my husband. Lets keep it that way!

PS – The four kids still need the prayers!