about me

Who am I?

The interesting thing about that question, is that I’m still asking it about myself. 

Above all, I am a follower of Christ.  I am a wife to my incredible husband, Tim.  He’s been my partner in life for 15 years, 10 of which we’ve been married.  Together, we parent four children – three daughters and a son, who range in age from 4 1/2 (the youngest daughter), to 10 years!  Life is busy in our home, as in so many across America.

I love all things that stoke the creative fires.  Photography, writing, poetry, gardening (yes, you do have to be creative to do that!).  I create Family Connection pages for our church, a task through which I’ve learned much about God’s Word and the ways in which we should be connecting with our kids to impress our faith onto them.   Creativity is what energizes me!

I also have a huge heart for animals.  We have had, over the years, many feathered and furry friends!  Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits!  No reptiles yet, but as the mother of a boy, I know that the inevitable is coming.  I have consented to a chameleon – but he has to wait a few years.  If that little thing were to escape, our cats would have a field day!

I write here as a way to begin sharing my thoughts with the world, something I find terrifying.  My husband cannot understand this because as he says,

“You have no trouble telling me what’s on your mind!”  

HA!  How right he is.  Well, I hope you will enjoy my insights into God, life, family, marriage.  Please consider commenting if you like or don’t like something I write!  I love feedback and will respond to comments!

Thanks for reading!


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