Why You Shouldn’t Pee on Others… And Other Thoughts From Walking Dogs

A Pee on the Poo

I was out walking on Sunday morning with my dogs, Violet and Oliver.  You see, they have boundless energy, and in my attempts to reel in their doggie excitement, I walk them around the block several times a day.  In addition to shredding garbage when we’re not looking they also like to have peeing contests.  Personally, I feel that this is far below Violet, but then again, she is the trashiest Standard Poodle I know.  Anyway, peeing contest.  So whenever one of them pees or poops, the other has to pee on top of it.(I know, gross)  It’s like some wicked little scent covering contest.  They love each other very much so I don’t really understand why they have to try to top each other.   For the most part I don’t really even care that they do this, but that was before they involved me in their little peeing game.

We were walking along, and both of them had watered pretty much every corner along our route when Violet stopped to take her morning poo.  Fabulous.  As I’m standing there waiting for her to finish, I feel something wet on my shoe.  Looking down, I see that Oliver is peeing on my shoe!  And my favorite pair of sweats!  Really?  Gross!  Apparently, I was the tallest thing near him, and he was so excited to cover up Violet’s mark that he completely forgot that the object he chose to pee on is ultimately connected to the hand that feeds him.

A Lesson in Disguise

That got me thinking and I ended up wondering how many times I’ve “pee’d” on someone in an effort to pursue my own agenda.  I think that the most glaing example for me comes within my family and my relationship with God.  One of the kids will ask if they can do something, and because I’m bigger/faster/more experienced I simply do it for them.  It’s easier for me, takes less time, ends up less messy.  But there’s a caveat, something that I wish I had remembered during all those moments. 

When I do it for them, I rob them of critical opportunities to learn, and to become self-sufficient.

Is my agenda so important that I have to behave that way?  It doesn’t stop there either.  These poor kids.  How many times have I brushed them off, barged past, nodded a response without really hearing what they are trying to tell me?  In pursuit of my own agenda, in pursuit of the things I’ve made more important than people, “peeing” on the people I love the most. 

This is also apparent in my relationship with God.  Somewhere along the line my prayers changed and became a checklist of wishes I think He should grant.  My ambition over His will?  Yeah, right.  I know that isn’t going to happen, but the shallow prayers have led to a relationship in trouble.  “Thanks for listening, God – but I don’t really trust you to open that door, so I’ll just open it myself.”  Ambition is a great thing, but only if it’s used in a way that is God-honoring and respectful to others. 

Has your ambition helped or hurt your relationships?  How do you honor God and respect your family while you pursue your dreams and goals?


One response to “Why You Shouldn’t Pee on Others… And Other Thoughts From Walking Dogs

  1. The bad speller

    Amen. So true I know I do this from time to time and sometimes i really do not care! You have to have trust in God and believe that he does have a plan for everyone, So sit back and enjoy what you have and where you have it!

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