Future Leaders

I was dropping my daughter off for an orchestra field trip this morning at one of the junior high schools in our area, and noticed the sign in front of the school.  It said, “Home of the Future Leaders of America”.  I thought that was interesting. 

You see, this particular junior high serves inner city kids.  Most of the kids come from broken homes, are very poor, and their parents are uneducated minorities.  There are more gangs than parks, and sometimes the teachers walk kids home because the streets can be so dangerous.  It’s in an area that has been riddled with violence and drugs and negative influences.  Every day the kids who attend this school are inundated with negative cultural messages that go straight to their hearts.  Statistically, these kids are the least likely to be leaders. 

But someone believes in them. 

Whoever created that sign got it right

Someone recognized that every day, the kids will see that sign, calling for them to rise above the circumstances in their neighborhood and to someday lead this country.  I pray that simple sentence settles into the heart, soul, spirit of every single child who attends that school.  One sentence that says so much. 

These children are the future leaders of America.  Do you get it?


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